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A live DVD/USB based on the free operating system (OS) Debian

... Turn almost every computer into a complete multimedia workstation..

This page is outdated now, please visit the io GNU/Linux official homepage.


A new Live is out (64-bit only) and comes with Enlightenment 0.18.8 (composite desktop),

kernel 3.14.5, a lot of updated apps, new features but maybe some new bugs ^^ ... Enjoy :)

* 64-bit: (io-live--e18-3.14.5-amd64--20140606-15.40.iso) | Packages list | md5sum


Download the ISO file and then burn it (as image) onto a blank DVD... et voila :)

To prepare a bootable USB drive, check the USB flash drive (with persistence) HOWTO

Don't forget to have a look at the Manual, Wiki, Forums or join the room #iognulinux on irc.freenode.net


io GNU/Linux is also member of Debian Live, linuxaudio.org and linuxmao.org

If you wish to help, even a small donation is welcome :)

(list of donors)


Older releases with Enlightenment 0.18.3 and Kernel 3.12.9 :)

* 32-bit: (io-live-hybrid-3.12.9-686-pae--20140212-12.38.iso) | Packages list | md5sum

* 64-bit: (io-live-hybrid-3.12.9-amd64--20140212-12.40.iso) | Packages list | md5sum



The last Live that comes with Enlightenment 0.17+ecomorph (3D desktop)

* 32-bit: (io-live-hybrid-686-pae--2013.10.10-18.42.iso) | Packages list | md5sum

* 32-bit (rt): (io-live-hybrid-rt-686-pae--2013.05.12-00.39.iso) | Packages list | md5sum




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